Congratulations, Doctors!!! Have you gotten used to hearing that greeting yet? I hope it stays fresh in your lives for a while. A reminder for you while I'm here. You'll still have access to your SONIS records which include you being able to pull unofficial copies of your transcripts from this site. On the start page, you'll see the word TRANSCRIPT and that's where you'll find them. If you need an official copy, you will need to request it through Parchment. You can find the link to Parchment on our website --- Students tab --- Registrar's Office and scroll down a little until you see the Parchment link. Any verifications for your licensing come through our office as well. If you have a form, that will work; if you don't have a form, you'll need to submit a degree verification form (also on our website) and send to us. We are working to be sure transcripts and verifications go out within 24 hours. If you have submitted a request----especially for the degree verifications---I would strongly suggest that you follow up with the licensing entity to be sure they have received everything they need to process your application. It was SO great to work with you all and watch you cross the stage and obtain that dream of becoming a doctor. You will always be our Franklin kids and our special class!